Pocketglobe App

Appstore Link: https://itunes.apple.com/pk/app/pocketglobe-on-demand-promos/id699622634


Pocketglobe – PG – All your local needs in one app, wherever you are.


We redefined search! Search via keyword, category, and @city. Just press GO to get instant results. Pocketglobe is working with your local businesses to provide real time promotions and events. Just select local to find the closest businesses promotions and events near you. From there you can filter results to find exactly what you are looking for.


B-ASAP is a new disruptive feature that brings the businesses to you. Instead of you calling 5-10 different businesses for service do it with a couple of taps. If you need quick services with a low price, ASAP is for you. Find any service fast and easy. ASAP can be used for any type of business for free.

E-ASAP can be used to contact your local emergency services for non-emergency calls.


NOTIS is another feature you won’t find on any review site or app. Notifications is a groundbreaking feature that gives you the ability to get notified for anything such as your car, clothes, food, etc, is ready. Also your favorite promotions and events will come straight to you. Just follow any business and stay in the know.


If your tired of carrying around a bunch of reward cards you can now go digital with PG. Tell your favorite business about it so they can start managing everything for you on one app! Throw away the paper cards and go green with PG.


Beacon check-in makes it easier for businesses to take payments, send alerts, and add points.


Credentials provide a new way to identity and streamline business transactions. Credentials improve the security of personal and physical property.


No app, no problem. Text alerts give businesses and non-profits an extra option to stay in contact with followers.


If you have any suggestions please let us know. We want this app to make everyday life easier for you and your loved ones. Locally and on the go.


Pocketglobe was started after the founder had a flat tire in Houston. Frustrated with the current solution of using 2-3 apps to call around and look for a quick local fix. Pocketglobe was created to not only help the consumers but also the local businesses.

PG is the first mobile app to offer an all in one business solution. We aggregate search for business, coupons, events, and on demand services all in one.

Our key features are Local Refined Search, PG Pay, Business ASAP (B-ASAP), NOTIS (Notifications), Points (Digital Rewards), Beacon, Credentials, and Text.

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