NowShare App

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Now Share your pictures without internet. You can send the pictures from your phone’s gallery or camera. Now share app sends the reduced characters of picture to your SMS window and then you can send it via normal SMS.

The Now Share app must be installed on both ends to view the picture messages. This is very simple and easy way to share your photos with your family and friends without any issue.

How to use:

Read the steps to use this app.

Phone 1:

1. Open app
2. Accept permissions to use contacts and wait them to load
3. Click on contacts.
4. Open the camera / gallery
5. Select/capture the picture.
6. Confirm the alert message to send photo to your SMS.
7. The picture codes will open in new SMS window, now tap to send.

Phone 2:

1. Tap on sms received from other device.
2. It will show you the image to save.

Note: This app uses more SMS characters than normally it does with the text message. Check your Service provider for any SMS package and enjoy this offline picture message app.

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